EP 016 | Altcoin Fool | What the fork? (Litecoin Edition) | Western Union Rippling | Drew’s Answer to the Hypothetical Question | Cryptocurrency Talk

On this episode, we discuss the implications of the Litecoin hard fork named Litecoin Cash, the implications of Chinese New Year, Western Union running a test on the Ripple platform, and we discuss Drew’s answer to Chris’ hypothetical question from Episode 15.

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10 Reasons IOTA is a scam –  medium.com/supercryptocurrency/iota-cryptocurrency-is-a-scam-heres-10-reasons-why-ca111de0f19a

Get NEO onto a Ledger Nano S (THANKS GREG!!!) – 

Hello there Altcoin Fool and DOCTOR Devil’s advocate neighbor guy :)….

I am reporting back to you Drew about my adventure of getting NEO out of the matrix (Binance) and onto the Nebuchadnezzar (Ledger Nano S)…. hope you guys are Matrix fans…I @#$%^&* love that movie. I was successful and here is what I did. After 24 hours of yelling at my computer and calling Binance every name in the book, I took Drew’s advice and headed over to u porn, I mean YOU TUBE… after research there I downloaded the Ledger Manager from the ledgerwallet.com site. Then I launched the manager on my computer (I am using windows and chrome). Next I logged into my nano and that made a screen pop up on my computer. It’s a partial list of coins that the nano jives with. Scroll down to NEO and click the green download button. Neo should now be on your nano. Almost done, hang in there. Now go to github.com/CityOfZion/neon-wallet/releases and download the latest windows.exe. You do not need to create an account at this website. When that finishes downloading, double click on the file and the NEON WALLET opens on your computer. Choose “Login using a ledger” then click “use ledger nano s”. Your nano device will now say “Wake Up Neo”. Back over to your computer click on “use ledger nano s”. You are now ready to send and receive NEO. I did this from Binance and unfortunately they will only allow you to send an even number of NEO with no decimal so I had to leave some on the exchange. That’s a load of $#*! but it is what it is. I forgot to pay attention to the fees but they were minimal if any at all. I have made a boat load of mistakes so far as a newb and really wish I found your podcast prior to buying any coins. I am now much more in tune with the crypto world thanks to you both. Keep up the great works guys and may the oracle give you news of NEO to the moon…. how’s that for a corny bail out ending to this mess. Later

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  1. Neil
    February 19, 2018

    I’ll toss you some Doge if you post a wallet address. I love the show and if you become a fellow shibe then all the better!
    Following crypto can be stressful, you are correct. r/dogecoin on Reddit is definitely a hilarious break from white papers and endless opinion based articles.

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