EP 024 | Altcoin Fool | Interview with DigiByte | Google Ad. Policy Change | The Red Sea | Cryptocurrency Talk

On this episode of the Altcoin Fool Podcast, Drew and Chris cram in a few interesting and important cryptocurrency related arguments about Google Ads., Circle Invest and the sea of red. This is all before they talk with Josiah from DigiByte in an epic and thorough interview. It was really a blast to talk to this guy so hopefully you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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  1. Neil
    March 19, 2018

    You guys talked briefly about merging coins. There is a Truebit project called Dogethereum Bridge that should go live in the fall. What this accomplishes is moving dogecoin from the doge chain to the ethereum blockchain to be used as a currency within the ether platform with the ability to send the doge back once you decide to do so. This is the first and only project of the type that I know of and information on the subject is scarce but hits right on your proposal!

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